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Waaaaaah x.x


Waaaaaah x.x

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It’s moving day tomorrow.

It felt so far away a month ago and now it’s here!

I’m relieved and stressed out all at once. So much to pack around the house still, but it’s mostly odd bits and bobs.

I just honestly cannot wait to be out of here. When I first moved in me and Natalie got on great, we hung out all the time, cooked together, watched movies and went on girl dates. But I guess good things don’t last forever when people grow up. Still though I see no reason for the way she’s behaved sometimes and if she’s ever had a problem (the first hurdle was always getting her to tell me something was up) I’ve been pretty good about sorting my shit out.

Time to move on though. I’ve got a nice house with a good friend, my boyfriend will be welcome whenever and my pup is coming at the end of the summer. Plus I get to spend my birthday with my family this year.

So fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow!

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Izzy asked me to be a bridesmaid!

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It’s too hot for make-up shenanigans.

It’s too hot for make-up shenanigans.

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I really can’t wait to move. I’m stick to death of living with a person who pretends that the sun shines out of their arse when they’re the polar opposite.

The guys I lived with in my student house weren’t even this bad.

I found maggots on the kitchen floor the other day. Maggots!!

Yuck. Just get me out!

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Fat Babe Masterpost




Reblog this post if you’re a fat babe that follows back, then look in the notes and follow.

This way we can all find each other, and create a massive support system. Oh, and of course group hug!


(Yes, if you’re a man you’re allowed to be a fat babe)

Yay let’s do this again! ✨💖✨

 yaaaay i need more fat babes<3

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Today I developed a newfound appreciation for the elliptical
Kendra Phillips [portfolio | tumblr | twitter | vimeo]


Today I developed a newfound appreciation for the elliptical

Kendra Phillips [portfolio | tumblr | twitter | vimeo]

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Reblog if you’re a cuddler.

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It’s an awesome feeling when you win on eBay with seconds to go when you were previously being outbid. Suck on that you dicklicker, that wardrobe is mine!!

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